Auburn Community Development Committee

Auburn Institute

As you would expect, the Auburn Institute has been taking up much of the time at ACDC and also AIMC (Auburn Institute Management Committee). ACDC and AIMC have had a joint meeting which Greg Pulford the Project Architect, also attended. Greg’s experience and expertise has been invaluable in guiding us through the many issues confronting us. The ceiling has been completed and we are pleased to report that it has been installed in almost the same position as the original ceiling. The original position could not be used, as some of the roofing frame as sagged, and would have needed to be totally replaced, at a cost way above our budget and scope of works.

Light fittings have been chosen and are in keeping with the character of the building.

The paintwork is currently underway in the main hall. the supper room, dressing room, hall way and some external sections will also be painted.

The planning for heating and cooling of the Institute is taking some time to work through all possibilities. Any external heating/cooling components must conform with State Heritage guidelines, so the research continues.

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